Misi Bantuan di Sg Rambai, sumbangan daripada CIMB Foundation Malaysia

On 20 Feb 2022 (Saturday), YFBM in collaboration with NGO Partner Pertubuhan Kebajikan Sedulur has successfully channeled donations from our main contributor CIMB Foundation .

This aid contribution was channeled to Sg Rambai, Melaka. A total of 5 villages are involved, namely:-

Kg. Paret Penghulu Benteng
Kg. Parit Putat Benteng
Kg. Fortress Series
Kg. Decorated Widow
Kg. Lanchang

A total of 110 families were successfully assisted, and some of these families were affected by the recent floods.

After completing our mission in Melaka, a small part of the YFBM Team continued the aid mission to Johor, where we delivered essential items to the Darul Hanan Orphanage.

2 units of washing machines and 1 unit of freezer were delivered. This help is the result of a donation from CIMB Foundation as well.

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